CareNow® - March 20, 2014
by CareNow

Warm weather is officially here! Have you started cleaning for spring? Unfortunately, nicer weather causes seasonal allergies. Luckily, CareNow has you covered. Before you dig through that pile of old boxes, make sure to go over our spring cleaning check list. It’ll help you lessen your family’s indoor allergies!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Absorb Dust

When you think of the term “dusting” does an image of a feather duster creating a cloud come to your mind? You should definitely avoid this when dusting your house in the spring.

Sending a big cloud of dust into the air will make your sinuses have a fit. Not only will you start to sneeze and tear up, you’ll move dust particles to different areas of the house.

You can avoid all of this by using a wet rag to absorb the dust. The particles will stick to the rag instead of being transferred throughout your home.

Extensively Vacuum

Your family constantly enters and exits the home. Each time you walk into the house, small allergens come in contact with your carpets and rugs. (If you have a pet that is allowed to move in and out of the house freely, you are at a higher risk of indoor allergies).

Regular vacuuming is a must for any homeowner. If it’s been awhile since you extensively cleaned your carpets, we recommend using a steam cleaner or having a carpet cleaning service stop by this spring. Doing this makes your carpets look new and smell fresh!

Change Air Filters

Your air conditioning system is designed to do a couple of crucial things. Yes, it keeps you cool when it gets warm, but it’s also supposed to make the air in your home clean.

When was the last time you changed the air filters in your home? Ensure your family breathes fresh, allergen-free air indoors this spring. Switch out your system’s air filters.

Clean The Places You Can’t See

Dust accumulates in all types of places. Especially parts of your house you can’t see! Be thorough while dusting this spring. Don’t forget to clean the following:

  • The top of fan blades.
  • Under furniture.
  • The backs of blinds in your home.
  • Chandeliers in hallways.
  • Behind the TV and computer.

Keep Windows Closed

It may feel perfect outside, but the pollen and other allergens in the air don’t belong in your home. Keep the windows closed.