CareNow® - August 30, 2019

On average, 35 million 35 million Americans travel over Labor Day weekend.

The influx of travelers can not only make the airports chaotic, it can make the roads dangerous too. Whether you’re planning to hop on the road or take a flight across the country, there are a few ways you can make sure your weekend travels go safely and smoothly.

Plan Ahead

If you’ll be flying over Labor Day weekend, it’s a good idea to arrive 90 minutes before your flight takes off to allow enough time to get through security.

It’s also smart to pack everything in a carry-on so you can avoid the process of checking a bag.

Schedule Smartly

Whether you’re flying or driving, try to avoid the busiest days of the holiday weekend.

Thursday and Friday are typically the busiest travel days, so if you can, hit the road or schedule a flight before a day or two earlier.

Determine Your Route

If you’re driving to your location over Labor Day weekend, take time beforehand to plan out your driving route.

Set up a GPS system if needed and always bring a map as backup.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Your car should be thoroughly checked before making any long-distance drives.

Make sure your wipers are OK and that your car has enough fluids.

Getting a simple maintenance check on your car can prevent major issues that could leave you stranded.

Consider a Staycation

Perhaps you’re looking to have a relaxing weekend without the stress of travel.

If so, consider staying in your own town and taking advantage of local amenities. Many towns put together fun activities for the holiday weekend that can be enjoyed.

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