CareNow® - May 15, 2015
by CareNow

Long days and warmer weather are officially here. Is your home ready for your children to be around more during the long break from school? This week we’ll be discussing some basic spring cleaning advice and give you ideas on how you can organize your home.

Clean The Hard to Reach

Just because you can’t see the top of you’re your cabinet or ceiling fan doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. Chances are, those types of areas are the dustiest ones in your home. Make sure to check them off of your weekly cleaning routine.

Hire a Professional

Have you ever had a professional service clean your home? While it’s not always a manageable expense, maid and vacuum services will save you tons of time. They’ll also spare your sinuses from dust and pollen buried deep within your home.

Delegate Chores For Each Member of Your Family

Summer vacation is almost here! Soon, your children will have plenty of spare time to help you around the home. We recommend setting up a dry erase board and listing each family member’s chores for the week. Start with simple tasks that they can complete within 5-10 minutes. You won’t believe how much time it will save you.

Stay Healthy By Organizing

School may be ending soon, but that doesn’t mean a well-balanced lunch has to go with it. Organize your refrigerator and pantry in a way that it makes it easy for your children to eat healthy. This can be especially helpful as your child snacks throughout the day! Earlier this month we wrote about snacking smarter in our blog about Staying Healthy on a Busy Schedule. Head over there to get refreshed on the types of snacks you should be eating when you’re busy. For a list of healthy snacks for kids, check out WebMD’s 19 Simple, Do-it-Yourself Snacks.

Organize The Chaos

How long have you been putting off organizing “chaotic” rooms in your home? Make this spring the time to organize. You can learn how to organize shoes, chords, toys, laundry and much more on Good House Keeping.

Should you find yourself feeling sick this spring or summer, come see us. We can make you feel like your normal self very soon. Our urgent care centers are conveniently located and are open late. Check in to your local CareNow online now.

Happy spring cleaning and organizing!