CareNow® - August 05, 2014
by CareNow

Have you already purchased back-to-school supplies and new clothes for your child? How about taking them to see a doctor before getting back to school?

Summer might feel like it’s long, but the days go by faster than you think. Getting your child in for a back-to-school physical is important and should be taken care of early on.

Here are some reasons that explain the importance of back-to-school physicals:

Avoid Long-Term Complications

During check-ups, doctors provide a comprehensive exam and are able to examine your child head-to-toe before they head back to school. Bringing your child in for a yearly check-up is essential to help prevent from long-term complications in the future.

Update Medical History

Recording your child’s health and comparing it to your own can help identify genetic patterns passed down from previous generations. Documenting medical history can help you spot the signs of something serious before it happens.

What’s On The Inside Matters

When your child attends a physical, doctors get the opportunity to discuss important topics with your child regarding school, physical health, alcohol use, drug use and sexual activity. These topics might not be comfortable for some parents to discuss with their children. Luckily, a doctor may ask these questions and can assist with behavioral development.

Required Immunizations

Summer is the perfect time to get required immunizations. Some states or schools might have different immunization schedules. Speak with your child’s school and ask for information about the required vaccines needed prior to going back to school.

If you have not had the chance to schedule your child’s back-to-school physical, you should consider doing it soon..

Schedule your child’s next physical and get him or her ready and healthy for the upcoming school year!