CareNow® - January 29, 2018

This year’s flu season has seen more widespread growth and intensity than any other pandemic since the swine flu hit in 2009… and it’s only growing worse.

Traveling over the holiday likely didn’t help quarantine the virus when hospitals and urgent care centers began to see an influx in patients with the same cases. Needless to say, this virus has had a considerable impact across all of America and isn’t showing signs of stopping.

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The CDC claims they expect to see something equal to or surpassing the number of reported cases in 2014-2015 where 34 million Americans got the flu, 710,000 were hospitalized and about 56,000 died.

CareNow® Physicians In The Media


CareNow® urgent care physicians have been very vocal in the media the past few weeks to provide context, education and insight on how to protect yourself if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the illness.

Jeffrey Murawsky, chief medical officer at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, which is affiliated with CareNow Urgent Care spoke to to say, “This is the highest flu activity that I’ve seen in at least the past 10 or 15 years.”

ABC News also interviewed Dr. Shannon Long, a physician at CareNow® Urgent Care’s Goose Creek location in Charleston who says her clinic has been nonstop filled with patients. “We’re definitely seeing more of Flu A, we do see a few Flu B’s.”

How To Avoid Catching The Flu

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By washing your hands regularly, getting your annual flu shot and reading up on these other winter health tips by CareNow®, you’ll have a good shot of avoiding the viral illness.

If you're skeptical about the flu shot and it's effectiveness, visit this Flu Shot Myth post for more information. 

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