November 15, 2022

On any given day, more than 8,000 radiologic and imaging technologists at CareNow, and across our larger HCA Healthcare network, impact patient care in meaningful ways for the patient and for other members of their care team. It’s hard to imagine the day when radiologic images were not a part of the patient diagnostic and treatment process. Today, imaging technologists are an important part of the diagnostic are team and we depend on their images every day to improve patient lives. That’s why it’s important to appreciate these technologists, to try to understand what makes them feel most successful and fulfilled and to be the employer of choice for the best and brightest imaging technologists nationwide. We have a major need for these individuals, so we talked to one radiology technologist who told us what she enjoys most about her role and the list included these:

The unexpected.

Some are intimidated by the unexpected, so other careers are for them, but imaging technologists thrive on it. The ability to pivot from one patient situation to another keeps the work exciting, keeps compassionate care skills sharp and leads to few dull moments. It’s no wonder the best technologists excel in their work because being prepared quickly and solving new problems fuels them. Their “always on” compassion and readiness to contribute to improving the lives of every patient in their care is inherent in how they approach every patient entrusted to their care.


When it comes to professional training, imaging technologists have a very focused curriculum that can be completed in months instead of years. Imaging technology is a very promising choice for people who want to be an important part of patient care. The value of a fully credentialed and compassionate imaging technologist cannot be overstated.

Location, location, location.

Imaging technologists are needed nationwide. Their training prepares them for the demand of their services and, at HCA Healthcare, they have the opportunity to improve more lives where ever they want to be. In fact, we have opportunities for radiology technologists in multiple states where we serve with hospitals, practices, urgent care clinics and more. If you’re an imaging technologist or want to be one, our recruiters would love to talk to you about opportunities at HCA Healthcare. See a list of CareNow opportunities, apply and let’s start or continue your career in a location that’s of interest to you. And when you’re ready to try out another location in our network, we’ll help you with that, too.


Imaging technologists have full lives that can be lived to the fullest when their work schedule supports all of their life priorities. Options to work nights, weekends, days, holidays, sporadically, etc. are all open to imaging technologists at HCA Healthcare. Scheduling options with us can be far more flexible than many other opportunities. We love the stories of our technologists who schedule their work in a way that enables their further education, family support, hobbies and community service.

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