October 17, 2022

At CareNow, we depend on medical assistants and medical office specialists to do the work that goes far in shaping important steps of the patient journey. Medical assistants (MAs) collect accurate patient information about symptoms, vitals and more to care for patients like family. Medical office specialists (MOSs) manage check-in procedures and ensure patient records are current. This work is foundational to quality patient experiences, and when it’s done well, the effort and compassion extended by our people creates meaningful experiences for our patients.

Positive patient feedback

At locations nationwide, our patients stress the importance of MAs and MOs in shaping their positive experiences. In a given month, CareNow can receive thousands of five-star reviews; many with comments that mention the professionalism and friendliness of our staff, including MAs and MOSs.

Here’s just a sample of the feedback patients have provided regarding the caring actions taken by the best and brightest MAs and MOSs – the ones who call HCA Healthcare home.

Tassiana and Susan (APRN) were SOOO kind and helpful, no one wants to have to go to urgent care but they made the experience a bright spot in my day. Tassiana joked with me and lightened my mood and Susan was so nice and informative.  – CareNow Orlando market patient

Came in to see the provider because my son was quite sick with a cough, cold and shortness of breath. Kimberly who works the front desk was amazing, kind, sweet, patient and very professional. As I told her, when people come in they’re not feeling well and it is a breath of fresh air to have somebody greet them in such a kind, sweet and patient manner. – CareNow Austin market patient

This was a perfect experience from an Urgent Care perspective. Checked in online ahead of time, was called when they were ready to see me. Got there, checked in with Shaquita, who is an absolute lovely woman as was the assistant who took my vitals. The Dr. came in, short and sweet diagnosis and I was on my way. – CareNow Las Vegas market patient

Opportunities for MAs and MOSs

The impact MAs and MOSs can have on patient experience is undeniable and the need to recruit more compassionate, caring, qualified candidates for these positions at HCA Healthcare is real. Check out these openings and share it with the respected MAs and MOSs in your network.