April 28, 2022

According to a recent study cited in the Society of Human Resources Management blog entitled The Search for Meaning, employees are more efficient and happier, when their work has meaning. Healthcare offers a unique opportunity for individuals to both grow their careers and improve lives. In the spirit of Patient Experience Week, let us introduce you to a few of our urgent care colleagues who are driven to make a difference in the lives of others, and as a result deliver exceptional experiences for our patients.

Before we dive in, you might find it helpful to know that urgent care is one of many areas of care within HCA Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services. The organization’s urgent care service line, which comprises more than 240 clinics, is known nationally as CareNow Urgent Care and as MD Now® in Florida. View all current job openings at CareNow.

Exceptional patient experiences are delivered each day because care teams put their patients first and provide care like family. Below are a few examples of how center managers, patient representatives and medical assistants help create positive patient experiences.

Center managers ensure consistency and help define culture

Ensuring a well-trained team built from genuinely compassionate and caring people brings meaning to the center manager’s role and leads to more positive patient experiences. Center managers hire, train, supervise and recognize the staff at our clinics as they serve alongside colleagues devoted to every aspect of a patient’s experience. Clinic managers also have important responsibilities for ensuring adherence to regulatory standards, mentoring colleagues and helping define clinic operations.

“I have stayed with CareNow because of our teams, leaders and the desire to put the patient first.” – Heath Edwards, center manager II

Heath Edwards began his career with CareNow in 2016 as a medical assistant II/X-ray, before becoming a preceptor and trainer for new staff, which led to his desire to become a center manager. Along the way, Heath has received mentorship from several colleagues, providing him with the guidance he needed to take the next step in his career. Now, as center manager, he enjoys helping staff develop and grow into their potential.

Center managers are needed in Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, Kansas, Texas, Utah and Tennessee. Salaries are based on your certifications, experience with supervising in a medical office or other setting as well as other qualifying factors. Benefits include medical, life insurance, 401k match, tuition reimbursement and much more.

See a sample Center Manager job description.

Patient representatives shape patient experiences

Patient representatives spend their entire shift helping things run smoothly for patients. They assist with checking-in, verifying insurance, ensuring occupational services procedures are followed and completing daily balancing for the clinic. If check-in or other business-related procedures are confusing or frustrating, as can be the case for patients who are ill or injured, the patient representative is a welcomed, knowledgeable resource who is ready to assist at critical points in a patient’s experience.

“My journey with CareNow began in 2017, as a patient representative. Something I appreciate is true relationship building with my stakeholders, which allowed me to advance to a leadership position. I genuinely appreciate that CareNow put my career growth front and center, and that I had people guide me along the way. I’m committed to sharing my knowledge through the training and development of staff and other leaders.” – Carla Helmuth, center manager II

Hourly wages for patient representatives vary based on considerations such as experience in a patient care setting, customer service experience and computer skills. Patient representatives will benefit from a comprehensive benefits package that includes certification support, tuition reimbursement, 401k match and more. CareNow opportunities for patient representatives exist in Nevada, Missouri, Texas, Virginia and Tennessee.

See a sample patient representative job description.

Medical assistants collect patient data and prepare for care

Medical assistants play a vital role in assessing a patient, preparing exam rooms with the supplies needed for their treatments and assisting with injections, lab testing and the application of splints and bandages, among other responsibilities. And they continue to help patients even after their clinic visit by scheduling follow ups. If you want to impact a patient in very important ways that also help other members of the patient’s care team, then medical assistant work could be for you.

“What I enjoy most about my role is the opportunity and challenge of helping to not only grow each clinic, but also develop future leaders.” – Alexandra Xavier, center manager II

Alexandra began her career with CareNow as a medical assistant in 2018, before eventually taking on the role of center manager overseeing three clinics.

Wages are based on several factors, such as education level, certifications, experience in a patient setting and work with electronic health records. As with all HCA Healthcare colleagues, medical assistants will benefit from medical, life insurance, student loan assistance, certification support and so much more. Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, Florida and South Carolina CareNow locations are currently in need of medical assistants.

See a sample medical assistant job description.