October 01, 2020

At CareNow, we’re committed to providing the highest quality, most convenient care for our patients. That’s why we’re now offering COVID-19 testing that combines the benefits of speed and accuracy.

We can evaluate symptoms using an innovative rapid system with unique technology; making testing significantly faster than any other method and more accurate than conventional rapid testing. With the new rapid testing, we can provide patients results in minutes before they leave the clinic.

On Tuesday, September 24th, our Kansas City market medical director, Mary Devers, spoke to The Kansas City Star regarding CareNow’s ability to perform COVID-19 rapid tests.
“We are extremely excited to have this ability. The vast majority of people don’t have true exposure and they’re left with uncertainty. The rapid test will be able to give you answers right then and there,” Dr. Devers said.

Clinics plan to begin using Abbott testing machines next week. Clinic staff are currently being trained on the devices and a formal rollout is expected in early October.

We’ve also implemented strict patient safety guidelines and stringent infection prevention measures to keep our patients safe. Plus, Web Check-In also allows you to avoid waiting in the clinic. You can wait from home or work, and we’ll contact you when it’s time to come in.