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Common Allergens

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There are several types of common allergens. Some allergens can be a bit more obvious than others. You may know that you’re allergic to pets or certain types of food, but you may not be aware of how different allergens in the air affect you.

Common Allergens


Pollen is the means in which flowers reproduce. It is a yellow, powdery substance that is transported through the wind, animals’ fur and insects. When pollen levels are high, you may feel sick.

Check the pollen level in our area.


Have you heard the term “Hay Fever” before? Ragweed is the culprit behind it. The plant’s small flowers release very large amounts of pollen, which can wreak havoc on your sinuses.


Mountain Cedar can be found in the air around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This shrub produces massive amounts of pollen and is commonly in the air before cold fronts.

How to Avoid Allergens:

  • Stay indoors—especially on windy days
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Change the filters to your A/C system regularly
  • Wash your pets
  • Shower & change clothes after being outside
  • Stick to your allergy treatment plan