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The common cold can progress into bronchitis, which is sometimes called a chest cold. This is when the lungs' airways become inflamed and create too much mucus. Chronic bronchitis is most often caused by smoking and is characterized as developing bronchitis for two or three months every year. Acute bronchitis is more common and develops when the cough from a cold worsens after the other cold symptoms have gone away. Here’s more information about bronchitis symptoms and how to know when to contact your doctor or visit a CareNow® clinic for treatment.

Bronchitis Symptoms

If you or your child is trying to recover from a cold, but a frequent mucus-producing cough persists, this could be a sign of bronchitis. Other symptoms include chest discomfort, fatigue, mild fever, and possible wheezing.

When to Call the Doctor

If you notice any bronchitis symptoms after other cold symptoms have dissipated, we recommend you contact a CareNow® clinic for medical attention. You may believe the cough will run its course, which it might; however, if the fever and coughing is persistent or you have shortness of breath, don’t hesitate to contact a doctor.

Treating Bronchitis at Home

After a visit to a CareNow® clinic you should take care of yourself in order to heal quickly. Rest and drink plenty of fluids unless your doctor restricts fluid intake. Ease body aches and pains by taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Follow the instructions from your doctor to help clear away mucus and report the frequency of your coughing episodes to your doctor so he or she can help you as much as possible. Also, be sure to use our Web Check-In, and we’ll call you when it’s time to come in so that your wait is minimized.