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Cold & Flu Season

CareNow® is here to help when you are fighting the flu or a common cold. Each urgent care clinic is staffed by doctors offering convenient urgent care services to prevent, diagnose and treat colds and the flu.

Ways to Prevent the Flu

There are many ways to help prevent the flu, from washing your hands to keeping a healthy routine. The flu vaccine is one of the most effective ways to fend off this virus. CareNow® clinics offer flu shots with no appointment necessary.

Diagnosing the Flu

Each CareNow® urgent care clinic is equipped to perform quick flu tests, which allows for early diagnosis of the influenza virus. This can reduce the course of the sickness and aid in better flu treatments. This test can also help tell the difference between the flu and common colds. Learn about CareNow®'s flu services and flu screening procedures.

Differences Between Strep Throat and a Cold

The first symptom of many illnesses is a sore throat, including strep throat and colds. Knowing the difference between these illnesses can help decide if you need medical care. Use CareNow®'s strep throat symptom guide for causes, understanding the difference between viral and bacterial infections and when to see a doctor.

Colds Can Lead to Bronchitis

Colds can develop into bronchitis when the lungs' become inflamed with too much mucus. CareNow® provides information about bronchitis symptoms and when to visit one of our urgent care clinics for treatment.