Frequently asked questions

CareNow offers three tiers of pricing for patients without insurance. The specific tier will depend on the medical needs of the patient in consultation with the provider.

Standard Services - $180

Advanced Services - $235

Complex Services - $350

Tiered Self-pay pricing includes a provider visit. Please see our services menu for the specific services that align with the respective pricing tier.

Tiered self-pay pricing does not include:

  • Lab tests that are performed by an outside laboratory
  • Orthopedic equipment (DME)
  • Vaccines
  • STD test

A minimum payment of $180 will be required at the time of service for tiered self -pay pricing.

Other a la carte self-pay services may be purchased, some of which may include a provider visit. These services each have a specific price. They include:

  • Sports Physicals
  • DOT Physicals
  • Audiometry and Vision Tests
  • Drug and Alcohol Tests
  • TB Tests
  • Vaccines

Please see the services menu for additional information.

We look at comparable services in a market, healthcare costs, and also factor in inflation. Our goal is to remain affordable and accessible to the communities we serve. The various tiers (Standard, Advanced, Complex) are designed to align with our cost and time to provide the requisite care for the chief complaint presented.

The services tier (Standard, Advanced, Complex) will depend on your reason for visit and your course of treatment as determined by your provider. You will be charged a minimum of $180 prior to the provider visit but might receive a bill or have a balance due based on the complexity of the services rendered and the respective tier that is ultimately appropriate in accordance with our services menu.

The intent of our tiered model is to provide transparency and clarity for amounts owed for services provide. If you have a question about a bill, please do not hesitate to call the clinic. Our goal with the various service levels is to align our cost to provide the services with the care required to meet a patient need while maintaining affordability.

For example, if your diagnosis and care plan require more than two in-house lab tests or oral medications, then our cost to provide those additional services increases. Your cost will transition from Standard Services at $180 to Advanced Services at $235.

If your diagnosis and care plan require multiple x-rays or injectable medications, then our cost to provide those services increases and your cost will transition from Advanced Services at $235 to Complex Services at $350.

Our clinics will make every effort to walk you through the pricing combinations that might result from your specific care needs.

If you return to the clinic within 10 days for the same chief complaint as determined by you and your provider, you will be charged a discounted $50 Follow-Up fee. If your follow up visit is a higher tier than your original visit, you will also be charged the difference between the two tiers.

If it is within 10 days and the sutures were placed at one of our urgent care locations, you will be charged a $50 Follow-Up Fee.

Since your visit will be an initial visit and not a follow-up visit, the standard tiered pricing applies. Assuming no services other than a provider visit for suture removal, you will be charged $180 for a Standard Services visit.

When lab specimens are transferred to a reference lab for further testing, the reference lab charges CareNow separately for that testing. Reference lab testing enhances the range of care we can provide to our patients, but also increases the expenses associated with your visit.

CareNow offers a la carte wellness services. Please see our pricing menu.

Yes, we offer telehealth services for patients whose needs are appropriate for that care setting. All telehealth visits, regardless of whether they are initial or follow-up visits, are a charge of $75. If a patient needs an associated in-house lab with the telehealth visit, they will be charged an additional fee of $35. Some patient needs are beyond the scope of a telehealth visit and may require an in-person visit or additional services which will be priced according to the services menu.