Physicians Immediate Care in Port St. Lucie will become CareNow Urgent Care Clinics August 1, 2017.

Physicians Immediate Care clinics in the Port St. Lucie area are changing their name to CareNow® Urgent Care. For you, it means great care at the same convenient locations. Here are answers to questions you may have about the change.

Are all the locations staying open? Yes.

Are you changing your hours?  No. We're still open seven days a week, 8am to 8pm.

Are the medical providers and other staff the same? Yes.

Do you still have my patient records from past visits? Yes. If you have been seen at Physicians Immediate clinic, CareNow® providers will be able to access your medical history.

Can you send my primary care physician information about my clinic visits? Yes.

Are your services changing? No. We offer the same urgent care services and family care services as always. We also offer occupational medicine services for businesses, from employment screenings to treatment of on-the-job injuries.

Do you still take my insurance? Yes. There is no change in the list of insurance plans we take.

CareNow® Urgent Care focuses on illnesses and injuries you don’t anticipate, so we offer Web Check-In® instead of an appointment scheduling system. With Web Check-In® you go to and click the Web Check-In® button. You register and then get a call from us minutes later. We’ll tell you when our medical care provider will be ready to see you – usually within the hour. You wait at home or wherever it’s most convenient, not in our waiting room.

Can I just walk in? Of course. Walk-ins are always welcome.