CareNow® - October 07, 2017

To our Las Vegas Community:

We are deeply grateful to the brave men and women of Metro, our community’s outstanding medical personnel and all of the first responders who ran into harm’s way to save countless lives. To the heroes in our community and the employees of Sunrise Health System (Mountain View, Southern Hills, Sunrise, Sunrise Children’s, ER at The Lakes, CareNow Urgent Care) who acted with courage and kindness. To the community who reacted immediately with an overwhelming outpouring of support and assistance.

Las Vegas Strong

A message from our affiliate hospital, Sunrise Medical:

We know Las Vegas will move forward together as a strong and united community. You have been an important part of that community and our family and we look forward to taking care of your urgent care needs. Sometimes we try to protect ourselves by denying the emotion. Trying to block it out with food, alcohol, drugs, or mindless activities like watching television won't work. Trauma doesn't go away until we acknowledge and deal with it.

Access social systems that are already working for you. Supportive people in our lives can help validate our feelings. Reaching out to others at this time is not really about the event. It's more about being able to talk to someone who knows you and your emotions.

Practice self-care:


Exercise can help burn off some of the anxiety and stress. It can also produce chemicals in your body to make you feel happier. As an added bonus, if you are physically tired, you may find it easier to sleep. Continue to follow your routine (eating, sleeping, exercising, work, social time) as much as possible.

Seek professional help:


Some signs that you should seek help include:
• Trouble sleeping
• Irritability
• Unexplained stomach pain or headaches
• Withdrawal from activities you used to enjoy

Please join us in expressing our deepest condolences to all involved.

We will get through this difficult time together and come out stronger. 

Together, we are #VegasStrong

- The CareNow Team