CareNow® - August 27, 2014
by CareNow

Do you need to start training for a 5K run? We love helping our patients achieve and maintain an active lifestyle! Regardless if you are a seasoned veteran or a 5K rookie, this blog is for you.

The end of summer is in sight. Have you signed up for a charity run in the near future? It’s never too early to start training! In fact, we highly recommend it. Here are some quick things to think about before you start training for a 5K:

Start Slow

If it has been a while since the last time you ran, it’s a good idea to start off slow. Instead of running a full-5K on day one, start training off with a less stressful distance. Try to run one-mile (or even a half-mile) while maintaining the same speed.

Starting off too hard can put you at risk of straining a muscle. Be sure to stretch properly before each run. put together a guide of the eight best stretches to do before running. Following that routine should help you out tremendously.

Wear The Right Shoes

Running shoes aren’t just a fashion statement. They should be unique to your feet. Running puts more stress on your arches, ankles, shins and calves than the standard walking step. Make sure you run in a pair of shoes that both support and fit your feet correctly.

Find Landmarks

Once you have a running routine set (while training for a 5K), try to find physical landmarks. Doing this will help you know exactly how far you are and when it’s time to turn around. Some examples of good landmarks include: trees, signs, benches or houses. Choose whichever stick out the most to you.

Utilize Technology

Don’t forget to take advantage of your cell phone. Posting to Facebook and Twitter from your smartphone is fun, but have you thought about using it as a personal trainer? There are several free running apps. They will track your running path, distance covered, average mile time and how your performance improves the longer you train.

**CareNow Tip** Your phone can also double as a DJ. Create a playlist of your favorite workout songs to help you push through your next run.

Challenge Yourself

Finishing a long run for charity will make you feel great. How far will you run the day after you complete your 5K? Challenge yourself to keep going. Living an active lifestyle will help you stay healthy long-term.

Need an evaluation before you start training for a 5K? Check in to your local CareNow online and we’ll get you taken care of.