CareNow® - August 08, 2017
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This Is The Number One Sign of Melanoma 

As an adult, there’s a good chance you’re more aware of proper skincare. This includes wearing sunscreen any time you’re in the sun. But how you took care of your skin when you were young can have an effect on your skin today.

Unfortunately, an estimated 87,110 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017. Catching the cancer early is the biggest key to making a full recovery. So how do you identify the potentially deadly disease?

New or Changing Moles

Perhaps the number one sign of melanoma is new or changing moles. If you notice a new spot or growth or a change in a mole that already exists, you should get it looked at immediately. If a mole is normal, it will be smaller than a pencil eraser and will be symmetrical on the borders (color included).  A potentially cancerous mole may be asymmetrical, have uneven borders, be at least two different colors, appear larger than ¼ inch and grow over time.


The Hidden Symptoms

Sometimes melanoma symptoms are difficult to identify. A narrow, dark streak located under the fingernail or toenail, typically more common in people with darker skin, can be a sign of melanoma. Ocular melanoma, although rare, may appear as a dark spot on the eye’s iris, a change in the shape of the pupil or blurred vision. Also, mucosal melanoma, located in the mouth, nasal passages or other area that produce mucous, can appear as a sore that won’t heal.

It’s imperative that any changes in your skin be seen as soon as possible.

If you’re worried about a mole or spot on your skin, eye, etc., consider visiting your local CareNow for a medical assessment. We have over 80 locations in seven states throughout the U.S. (with more opening soon!).

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