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Most people can't wait to get through winter and into spring...until allergies begin to hit. Once the coughing, sneezing, wheezing and itching begin to occur, springtime can be completely miserable. But by educating yourself on spring allergies, you can help minimize symptoms and enjoy the beautiful weather of the season. Below are five things you probably didn't know about spring allergies.

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Spring Allergy Facts: Flowers Aren't Always The Cause

It's a common misconception that flowers are the sole cause of allergies. Despite popular belief, most springtime allergies are caused by tree pollen. In fact, oak, birch and maple trees, which actually have no flowers, are the most allergenic trees.

Spring Allergies can be Developed at any age

While some people do develop allergies before their adolescence, it's not uncommon for others to start suffering from seasonal allergies after high school or even into their 40s. If you've recently moved to a new city, you may be susceptible to a sudden onset of allergies as well.

Spring Allergies can Start During the Winter

Most people associate spring allergies with spring pollination; however, the pollination process can actually start months earlier. For example, cedar and juniper pollen begin appearing in the Northeast as early as February.

One allergy doesn't mean you're allergic to all trees

Trees don't always pollinate in a predictable pattern. Just because you're allergic to some tree pollens, doesn't mean you're allergic to all of them. If you suffer from spring allergies, you should get tested to find out which pollens trigger your allergies. This will determine the specific allergy medication you should be taking.

Local honey does not cure allergies

While honey is healthy, eating it does not prevent allergies to local pollen.

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