CareNow® - October 01, 2014
by CareNow

Get your pink clothes ready! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here at CareNow we take pride in being an educational outlet in the field of women’s health and breast cancer.

Do you know someone who has fought breast cancer? Today we will be discussing facts about breast cancer, how to detect it and what you can do to support breast cancer patients and survivors in your community.

Facts About Breast Cancer From

**CareNow Note** We are not presenting these statistics in attempt to scare anyone. This is a very serious issue. All patients in the North Texas area (including men) need to be aware of the significance of this disease. If we can help a single woman detect early signs of breast cancer by reading this blog, we will have done our job.

  • This year, over 232,670 new cases on invasive breast cancer and 62,570 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed.
  • 40,000 female Americans will die in 2014 as a result of breast cancer.
  • A woman with a first-degree relative is twice as likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • 85% of all breast cancer cases occur in women with no family history of breast cancer.

Detecting and Treating Breast Cancer

When was the last time you had a mammogram? Have you ever had one? Mammograms are the most effective way to detect and diagnose early symptoms of breast cancer. They are critical to the general health of any woman over the age of 50 and those with a family history with breast cancer.

Early detection of breast cancer can save your life. The most common sign of breast cancer is a new lump or mass of tissue. If you have recently noticed a new lump or mass in one of your breasts, it is imperative to have it looked at by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Other signs of breast cancer from include:

  • Breast and nipple pain
  • Redness or unusually dry breast and nipple skin
  • Nipple retraction—turning inside-out
  • Swelling of breast

Every patient is different and there are several types of ways to treat breast cancer, you can learn about six of the most common forms of treatment on National Cancer Institute’s website.

How You Can Help

There are several different breast cancer events going on in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex this month. The Susan G. Komen foundation has organized a list of all of their races and other local rallies.

We cannot stress enough: IF YOU FEAR YOU MAY BE DEVELOPING EARLY SIGNS OF BREAST CANCER, ACT NOW. Check in to your local CareNow clinic online. Our expertly trained staff is here to help you.