by CareNow

When the weather warms up outside, that’s when summer pests come out to play. Some bugs are good, or at least harmless, while others are annoying or even cause negative health effects if you get bit or stung. Here’s a partial list of the bugs you might encounter this summer and why it’s important to avoid them.

Bees and wasps

Perhaps briefly mistaken for a fly, the yellow markings quickly distinguish bees and wasps from their harmless cousin, the house fly. Bees can only sting once, but wasps can sting again and again, creating painful welts and sometimes causing an allergic reaction. If you find a nest, don’t attempt to get rid of it yourself since disturbing the nest could cause these summer pests to attack you aggressively.


When this bug bites, the area itches for days. Mosquitoes can also transmit West Nile Virus, which is particularly serious for small children and the elderly. Get rid of any standing water around your home and wear bug repellent when out after dusk to protect yourself.


These summer pests go anywhere the food goes. Some dangerous ants, such as fire ants, sting when they become aggressive, which causes an itchy bump to develop and could cause an allergic reaction in some people. Keep ants away by maintaining clean countertops and floors in your home as well as at any picnic you host.

Bed bugs

While not a summer pest per se, bed bugs are still a concern this time of year. They have become such a problem that many people inspect their beds, especially those in hotel rooms, for bed bugs before climbing in. Avoid the painful red bites of bed bugs in your own bed by meticulously examining your luggage before you pack up and head home from vacation.

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