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Healthy Savings

The CareNow Healthy Savings Card™ allows members to receive a $68 Sick Visit* at CareNow and save 10% to 60% on a variety of other healthcare services. It is not insurance and may not be used with insurance; it is a discount card usable for CareNow medical, other doctors, specialists and hospitals, dental, pharmacy, hearing and vision services.**

  • $68 Sick Visit* at CareNow
  • 20% savings on extra services like lab tests, x-rays and medicines
  • 10%-40% savings on other doctors, specialists
  • 10%-40% savings on Hospitals
  • 15%-50% savings on Dental
  • 10%-60% savings on Vision
  • 10%-60% savings on Pharmacy Prescriptions
  • 10%-60% savings on Hearing
  • Savings on Vitamins, Health and Wellness

For more information or questions regarding these benefits please contact Member Services at (800) 800-7616. To Locate providers please visit www.mymemberportal.com.

*Sick Visit refers to common illnesses, fracture diagnosis, and strains and sprains. $68 pays for the physician office visit. Other services are extra and receive a 20% discount. It does not include lacerations, I&D, foreign body removals, burns and other miscellaneous complex procedures. These services receive a 20% discount. Nurse admin fees are waived for injectable meds and immunizations. Not valid for work-related injuries and services. Cannot be used in combination with promotions or discounts. Cannot be used in conjunction with insurance.

** Advertised discounts are relative to private pay rates, not to third party (insurance) reimbursement rates. Discounts relative to amounts paid under insurance plans will vary. The CareNow Healthy Savings Card does not meet the Minimum Essential Coverage requirement of the Affordable Care Act. When using the CareNow Healthy Savings Card, discounted payment in full is expected at the time of service at all participating medical providers.

To get a CareNow Healthy Savings Card™ for your family, fill out an application at your nearest CareNow location or fill out our online application to purchase your card now.

For a limited time, the first month is only $15 with no enrollment fees. Larger discounts for longer term enrollments are available.

For Healthy Savings Customer Service, call us at 972-745-7500, option 7, or send an email healthysavings@CareNow.com

With the CareNow Healthy Savings Card™, you will pay only $18 per month and receive benefits for yourself, a spouse and all legal dependents.